The Finest Oils, Lotions and Soaps on the planet

Fragrance Beads

Fragrance beads are so powerfully scented and long lasting, that in certain environments the scent can remain strong for years!

Aroma Beads

Our Aroma Beads are saturated with natural Essential Oils for Aromatherapy uses. The aroma can last for years in a closed environment.

Our Mission, unchanged for nearly 30 years, is to provide the very Finest Fragrances, Body & Bath Products, and Aromatherapy at the fairest price to our clients.

We specialize in Fragrance Oils that are not only "true and accurate to nature" in their scents, but long-lasting in application. Some of the nation's most popular Soap Manufacturers use our fragrances in their soap designs.

Our clients, who are natural medical practitioners, therapists, body workers, spiritualists, healers and others, all know our Essential Oils to be the highest grade, because they have compared them to all of the "others" on the market.

One Stop Shop

For 30 years we have perfected and offered the following:

  • 400 Fragrances (used as perfumes)
  • Body & Bath Products (lotions, oils, gels, soaps, crystals and more!)
  • Essential Oils and Aromatherapy
  • Packaging: bottles, caps, pumps

We have it all right here.

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Aromatherapy Consultant

Our Founder, Sharon Muir, is a Certified Aromatherapist.

She formulates for corporations and individuals and teaches Aromatherapy.

She has 30 nearly years experience in the field of Aromatherapy and Fragrance Blending and has done consulting work for many clients.

Details: Aromatherapist

Pre-packaged Products

Our products are available in consumer sized packages, ready for you to sell.

However, you can save that cost by having yourself, family, friends, or employees "fill bottles".  It's quick & easy

Alternatively, you can get the product pre-packaged and add your own Private label!

Details: Pre-packaged Products

Your Private Label

Just like the large supermarkets, club stores and mass marketers, you can have your own line of products!

You can choose any of our products and sell it with your label, with your company name and/or logo on it  You will get the re-orders!

Details: Your Private Label

Fragrance Blending Bar

Truly Unique and profitable to your business. You can easily Custom Blend fragrance oils into our unscented body & bath product bases.

Customers find this exciting to watch in your store, kiosk, cart, booth, or festival.

It's an unforgettable experience offering extraordinary fragrances, superior products, and your private label!

Details: Fragrance Blending Bar

Bulk Supplies

Bulk does not have to mean huge quantities. When you "buy in bulk" it simply means that you will "pump" our products from large bottles and drums into consumer size bottles.

You can then sell those bottles at retail with your name (see Private Label).

You won't believe how profitable this can be for for your business!

Details: Bulk Supplies

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