Essential Oils

Used in the practice of Aromatherapy, essential oils are pressed or distilled right from nature's plants. They are all natural (no synthetics) and must be blended with vegetable carrier oil before use on the skin.

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Essential oils are quite different from Fragrance Oils so please learn about them. We use essential oils in formulating our Aromatherapy Line.

You may purchase in pre-packaged, ready-to-sell sizes (like ½ oz.) or get the larger bottles of 8 oz. or 16 oz. and pour into the small bottles yourself, for much higher profits (that you save!).

The Whole Truth About Essential Oils

When a concept in this culture becomes so popular, as Aromatherapy now is, purity is often compromised, either through ignorance or through the greed for higher profits.

Thus, the result can be the presence of poor quality oils in the market-place, offered by those who are either uneducated or who simply do not care. Then there are those who may be educated, but who dilute, or adjust or otherwise adulterate essential oils with lesser quality oils or cheaper oil components.

There are processors who render components by fractionating essential oils. They split apart particular chemical components from essential oils to "extend" the quantity/lower the cost ... but they are sacrificing the original precious and delicate quality in doing so.

The Truth About Our Wholesale Essential Oils

Of this you can be certain: Aroma Terra offers the very finest oils found on the planet at very reasonable prices! We procure 100% true oils right from growers/processors.

Our Founder, Sharon Muir, is a qualified Aromatherapist. We know what is and what is not in our natural essential oils!

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